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Our completely off-grid campsite is set in a clearing in the heart of an ancient woodland. Forget the rest of the world, kick back around the campfire and get back to nature.  


We are a tent only, family and dog friendly campsite. We invite you to join us to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our woodland. Perfect for nature lovers and those who want to get out amongst it and have a truly memorable camping experience.


To minimise impact on the wood and to create a unique and peaceful camping environment we have a small number of pitches and we are open for camping for the month of August.


For groups of 10 or more you can hire the campsite to yourself. Please get in touch for more information.




Our facilities reflect our environmentally friendly ethos. We have lovely composting loos, running water and our wonderful Wash Shack. We also have a small simple shelter as well as a parachute to shelter under. It’s basic and rustic but with everything you need!


Campfire – We have a camp fire area with benches around the fire and a free and unlimited wood pile. Sit round the fire, keeping toasty warm until your heart is content.


Wash Shack – To be in harmony with the wood and to have as little environmental impact as possible we have built the Wash Shack. Sorry no turning on the hot tap here, it’s real off-grid camping! Heat your water in our giant kettle over the campfire, take it to the shack and use our bowl and jug to wash yourself. The Shack has earth friendly shampoo, conditioner and body wash for you to use. We also have a large tub to bath our youngest campers in.


Compost Loos – Our lovely compost loos are a great example of how clean, tidy and odour-less compost loo’s can be. Composting loos have been used for millennia as a very efficient way of creating a resource from a waste product, without energy or water consumption. The average family toilet uses a staggering 100,000 litres of water every year, which must be taken away, treated and purchased again: a costly and environmentally unsound cycle. Compost toilets require no water whatsoever (except a very minimal amount for cleaning). To help keep the compost aerated and odour-free wood chip is added. The wood chip we use is a waste product from our friend The Hut Maker.


The campsite is a five minute walk through the wood from the car park. We do provide wheel barrows to help you get your gear to the clearing, but remember whatever you bring you will need to carry.








We charge by the person per night to keep it simple.

Adults (16+) £15.00, Children £7.00


We have a minimum 2 night stay for weekends and a 3 night stay for Bank Holidays. However please do contact us nearer the time for last minute spaces and cancellations as we might be able to accommodate single night stays.